Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne

A retelling of one of the minor miracles of Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne. During the seventh century Cuthbert was abbot of a monastery perched on a steep shore called Lindisfarne.  He was observed leaving the monastery each night and returning when the sun rose the next day. One night, a young monk, curious to discover his purpose, followed him down the rocky shore and observed him entering the ocean. What ensues is mysterious,,obvious and may unseat our expectations of the word miracle. Using fans, water balloons, and garment puppetry, this solo piece with a singing chorus recreates the surprising events of that long ago night.

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Conceived and directed by Mira Kingsley, written by Sibyl O’Malley, original song by Chang Janaprakal Chandruang, costume design by E.B Brooks. Scenic Puppetry designed by Mira Kingsley


Pieter Performance Space,Los Angeles,CA, October 2010
CHIME Live,Los Angeles,CA, December 2010
Yamcho International Theatre Festival,Thailand, January 2011


2010 Southern California Choreographers in Mentorship Exchange Grant.
University of California International Travel Grant.

Opportunities for community participation: This show has choral elements that invite community participation. When this piece was presented at the Yamcho festival in Thailand, we created music and choreography for the students of the Moradokmai School to perform with us at the festival.