God > God

A fisherman celebrates his good fortune in finding a beautiful feather cloak only to discover that it already belongs to an Angel. In trade for its return, he demands to see the Angel dance. Through song, dance and puppetry this piece celebrates the limits of the human imagination and the grandiosity of our hopes. We […]

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Yes is a long time

Yes is a long time is a dance-theater show based on the true story of an ordinary family who are confronted with an extraordinary event – a mysterious object crashes through the roof of their suburban New Jersey home. The family must decide if they will turn the rock over to authorities to confirm its […]

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Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne

A retelling of one of the minor miracles of Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne. During the seventh century Cuthbert was abbot of a monastery perched on a steep shore called Lindisfarne.  He was observed leaving the monastery each night and returning when the sun rose the next day. One night, a young monk, curious to discover […]

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Oh My Tiger

Three young princes hungry for life experience encounter a tiger with a real appetite. Based on a Buddhist myth, Oh My Tiger is a departure from classic coming of age stories of loss of innocence and conquest. Here the youngest brother chooses to feed his body to the starving tigress and his older, wiser siblings […]

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Circle Course

On July 2nd 1937, famed American aviatrix Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan set off for the next to last leg of their infamous “round the world” flight. This previously unattempted route, from Lae, New Guineato HowlandIslandin the central Pacific Ocean, would be the longest and most difficult of their entire trip. To this […]

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